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Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is a group of five professionals who love CCA with their whole hearts. Board meetings are anything but boring! So much good-will and friendship towards each other and a desire for the best for CCA means that meetings include smiles, laughter, and most importantly, prayer. Lots of work gets done, and each person carries their load as best they can while always searching for ways to help each other. What a wonderful group of leaders! Members of CCA are welcome to attend the Board Meetings.

Nancy Welliver is our Chairman of the Board of Directors.  Her family has been a part of CCA (previously  “Owosso Young Performers Symphony Orchestra”) since 1995. She became Director in 1999 during a rough time when the organization barely existed. It took many years to build it back up. Working with the Music Director, Kelly Splear, they were eventually able to add choir, band, and other string groups.  Since then, many other classes and groups have been added. Nancy and her husband are owners of Educational Accents and have 4 daughters, who all grew up in CCA, and 8 grandchildren. Now that the kids are all grown, she has time to take a CCA class herself.

Roberta (Bobbi) is our Vice-Chairman of the Board. We are greatly blessed to have Bobbi on our team. She always has an encouraging word to give during trying times.  Bobbi is the Director of the ‘Alive’ program at Swartz Creek United Methodist Church, wife to David, and mother to 4 girls. The eldest graduated from CCA, and the youngest 2 are current students.

Eric Gregory is the Teacher Representative on the Board. He is the owner of Eric’s Shear Sharpening and has a degree in    from    . Eric is married to Rachael. They have 5 children who all participate in CCA. Eric is also expanding his education in other musical areas by taking CCA classes as well.

Rich Moreland is our Community Representative.  Rich is the orchestra director for Swartz Creek United Methodist Church. He has taught in public and private school music programs as well as community organizations. Rich brings much wisdom to our board meetings.  With Rich and Eric, it is rare meeting if they do not have the rest of the Board in stitches with their humor.

Kim Stockemer is the Parent/Student Representative. She is the newest member of the Board. Kim has 1 daughter who is a participant of CCA and takes a class herself as well as co-teaching a class.

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