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Our Instructors

At CCA, we believe that one of the most important aspects of our students’ learning is the quality of our instructors. Therefore, we hand-pick our instructors very carefully, and we assess them each year.

Let’s introduce each of our instructors!

MeganMrs. Megan Brady is our Ballet instructor. She is just as lovely in heart and spirit as she is on the outside! She has a tireless spirit, enabling her to engage students in a way that makes them try their best to please her – and she always praises them! Although her classes are demanding, and she is very detailed in her demand for correct technique, her smile and laughter warm each of her students’ hearts.

Mrs. Brady has been married to her husband, Mike Brady, for 5 years. Together, they have two beautiful little girls, and their first boy will be coming soon!


Eric photoMr. Eric Gregory is our Guitar instructor. He has a love for music, a love that is evident from the moment class begins. Mr. Gregory is proficient in several instruments, but his unique gift lies in being able to hear music and explain what he hears in a way others can understand. He is extremely patient with his students and works all week long, thinking of ways to make his class more valuable to his students, figuring out problems some students may be struggling with, or just planning ways to make his class more fun!

Mr. Gregory has been married to his wife, Rachael Gregory, for 16 years. They have 5 children, all of whom participate in CCA in many ways!


DSC_0142Mrs. Rachael Gregory is our Youth Choir, Chorale, Sonata String Ensemble, Ebony String Ensemble, and CASO director. She’s busy, but she wouldn’t trade her job for anything in the world! Mrs. Gregory loves to work with students of all ages and to see the joy that comes through learning and playing music together is more reward for her than anything else. She works hard to make sure her classes excel beyond the parents’ expectations, but she also tries to remain “tuned” to the individual needs of her students.





Miss Laurie Gregory is our Minuet String Ensemble instructor. Although she is young, she has developed into an excellent teacher, and her students adore her! She keeps her classes fun, engaging, and full of color. Students in her class usually range in age from 4-8 years old, so lots of coloring, games, stories, and songs are included along with string technique. She is also a student in many classes, so she has the unique opportunity to directly apply the things she is learning to her young students in whatever areas are appropriate for their age. She is one of CCA’s student teachers and is under the watchful eye of our executive director, as well as other instructors around her. She is proving to become an excellent teacher!


Mr. Jiles Herron is our Robotics Instructor. Robotics is another one of our most popular classes in CCA. Mr. Herron was trained while in homeschool in robotics, and even went to and won several competitions. He is now an engineer for a major automotive company and has learned to take his training and apply it to his life’s career. His students love his patience and encouraging attitude. For them, although they learn so much, the class feels more like getting together and having fun building and programming fun stuff than work!

Mr. Herron and his wife, Christi, have 2 beautiful little girls, and they serve in a church in the Swartz Creek area.



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