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Art Class

hudozhnica-risovanie-palitraArt classes are some of our most popular classes available in CCA. Currently, we are offering 3 classes: 2 children’s art classes, and 1 adult art class. Many have found that these classes offer more than just learning art. Many have expressed that art class is where they come to de-stress after a hard day of work, or to find companionship with others.



Our adult art class is our most intense class, studying techniques, learning new forms and mediums for art, and
using different methods to hone their abilities, regardless of their ability level.



about--element134Exploring Art is for young children to learn the basics of art. This class is more for fun and learning all the wonderful things about the art world.

Youth Art is our second children’s art class. This class is more intense than the youth art class, in that they go deeper into the methods and techniques required to develop the skills necessary to truly hone their abilities and love for art.


Our art instructor is Suzi Wirsing. She has been teaching with CCA for several years, and has developed a love for art in all of her students. Many students have come out of her art classes expressing with sheer joy how they were finally able to do an art piece that they have always dreamt of doing.

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