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Ballet-Class-32-670x314Our ballet classes are currently divided into two groups – Intermediate and Beginner.

Our Intermediate Ballet class focuses on perfecting technique in posture, learning more complex dance steps, leaps, turns, and beginning pointe work. Class consists of an hour and a half of technique work, a half hour break, and then pointe class and working on a dance. Our total time for Intermediate Ballet is three hours, including break time. 

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Our Beginner Ballet class is an absolutely delightful class of young children who love to dance! The average age is about 4 years old, and they are darling to watch! Their class is an hour long, depending on their level of focus. The instructor focuses on learning how to make specific body movements work independently of each other, while protecting their small bodies from harm.


Our Ballet instructor is Mrs. Megan Brady. She studied ballet from the timeMegan she was just a small girl, with the intention of performing ballet as her career. At the last minute, she decided that a career in performing ballet was not best for her life, so she has committed her talent in ballet to giving to others. Megan is married to Mike Brady and they have 2 small girls with their first boy coming soon!

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