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1024px-Civic_Orchestra_of_Chicago_terrace_viewCreative Arts Symphony Orchestra is our very own community orchestra. All ages are welcome, but it is recommended that a musician have a decent grasp of music and their instrument. Most of the music is ranged from intermediate to advanced; however, some simplification is possible for those who need it. The difference in this music group is that it is not a music class. In other words, the director does not teach how to accomplish certain musical techniques because it is assumed the musician either already has a grasp of their musical technique or they have a private lessons instructor who can help them with their music. This group is suited best for those who desire to use their instrument in a light, fun environment, but may not have the opportunity. An example of someone who would most enjoy this group would be an adult who used to play an instrument and enjoyed it, but after high school, had to put it away. Many families enjoy being a part of this group together, parents with their children who are learning their instrument.

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