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CCA’s Robotics class involves mechanics, electronics, and programming. This class introduces students to all three of these categories and how they work together. Class activities will include building and programming robots with Lego Mindstorms NXT sets, and it will also include wiring and programming Arduino projects.

For students, access to the private group for Robotics may be found here.


This year, our Robotics instructor is Mr. Chris Bulliner. His interest in robotics began when he had received a Lego Robotics Discovery set when Lego Mindstorms was first new. His interest grew as he participated in First Lego League in the years 2002, 2003, 2005, and 2006. In college, he pursued a degree in graphic design, graduating in 2014 with a degree in fine arts. Unable to find a job in graphic design, he readily accepted an internship at Android Industries, an automotive manufacturer, which eventually turned into a full-time job. There, he learned about electronics and industrial automation.

We are so excited about having Mr. Bulliner join us this year, and we know his enthusiasm for Robotics will become contagious to all of his students.


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