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classes-basic-guitarThe guitar is one of the most popular instruments in our culture today, so it is also one of our most popular classes in CCA!

The guitar is an amazing instrument, and it shares many similarities to the piano. It is an instrument that is easily played by ear with minimal understanding of basic music required. However, in order to be excellent on the guitar, understanding music and being able to play by note as well as by ear is what will set a truly excellent guitar player apart from all the rest. So, we teach both! We understand that students are often gifted in either playing by note or playing by ear, therefore we desire to incorporate both talents into our class of guitar instruction.

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Our guitar instructor is Mr. Eric Gregory. Eric holds his bachelor of science in music. While Eric is very proficient in music theory and has studied classical music in voice and choral, hEric photois foundational talent is playing by ear. Since he is primarily a play-by-ear student, he understands the struggles many students have when they are told they must learn how to read music in order to play an instrument. It is with this in mind that he desires to teach students how to make use of both playing by ear and playing by note.

Eric has been working in the music field for nearly 20 years in areas such as church choir, vocal repertoire, clarinet, double bass, piano for fun, and guitar. He is married to Rachael Gregory and is busy with 5 musical children of his own, one of which has just started learning the guitar, himself!

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