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This class focuses on advanced vocal techniques for vocalists from ages 15 to adult. This class is by audition only, as the music is very demanding and often requires intense work. While the music may be advanced, the students in this class will also testify to its enjoyment. Each week, the students enjoy their time together and the opportunity to blend their voices in beautiful harmony.


Our chorale instructor is Mrs. Rachael Gregory. She has been teaching music for 24 years in a wide range of capacities from piano, voice, choir, DSC_0142violin, and orchestra. She studied music in college with a focus in piano, music theory, and voice. She has studied in the opera classics and is constantly arranging music for her students. Rachael’s goal for chorale is to take talented musicians and push them beyond their vocal comfort zones. This includes choreography, foreign languages, and drawing different emotional responses from her students.

Rachael has been married to her husband, Eric Gregory, for 16 years. Together, they have 5 musical children, all of which are studying music in one form or another. Rachael is a homeschooling mom and teaches private music lessons from her home.


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