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Choir 1 and 2


happiness is singing in choirOur Choir 1 andĀ Choir 2 classes are excellent for learning the basic techniques of vocal expression using the classical form of singing. Students in these classes focus on proper vocal production, harmony, learning to sing in perfect pitch acapella, as well as beginning to learn foreign languages. All music is memorized by the time it is performed.

(For class communication, visit the group, Choir 1 and 2. This group is for members only and by invitation only. For members, you may access the groupĀ here.)


DSC_0142Our Youth Choir director is Mrs. Rachael Gregory. Rachael studied in vocal arts in college and has been teaching a wide range of voice talents for nearly 20 years. Her goal in Youth Choir is to open young voices to developing purity in their sound, while also protecting their young and growing voices from potential harm from misuse. She leans heavily on classical technique in order to bring out the absolute best in her students. Her philosophy is that if a student is able to perform the highest level of vocal technique appropriate for their age, anything else will be a step down, therefore much easier to learn.

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